Wednesday, January 21, 2015

RIDE OF SHAME : creepin on the Sobu-sen

This guy was a laugh riot. I got on the sobu line at Ichikawa station. But I wasn't prepared for the spectacle awaiting me on the bench across the way. And I started to capture through photographs, what one can hardly express through words.

Mr.X was already on laying on the bench, alone. talking to himself, yelling the name "Yoko, Yoko" 
This was already entertaining enough.
  As the train takes off, he jumps up and starts swinging from the handles. Actually swinging.

  "X" then thumps WHACK! against the door and stares at the map. 
 He then starts swinging again, and with a rather acrobatic pirouette he plops down into his seat(s) again. 
 At this point I was already busting a gut. As I look away, he starts laying down again, this time screaming "Yuki YUKI" perhaps another woman's name?! 
 It was hilarious. I then looked down at my phone for only a second, and by the time I looked up, Mr. X found his way to the floor and then back up on the bench, and that is how I left him to be picked up by the train staff at the terminal station. 
At this point I am putty, laughing so much I can't even sit up. Truly the most entertaining train ride of my life.  As always, thanks for reading!

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