Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ebisu Station

Met up with an old friend of mine who studied with me while we were both exchange students at Sophia University. 5 year anniversary of sorts. Celia, French, introduced me to her boyfriend Teru from Ishikawa prefecture. We met at Ebisu Station with a plan to have a coffee or a glass of wine. But since many people were already celebrating the year end vacation from work, many of Celia's recommended spots were at capacity. Fortunately for us, Teru's iPhone led us down a small street and we stumbled upon a great little French wine bar which I will be sure to return to again soon. Highly recommend ROOB6, about 3 minutes walk from the west exit of Ebisu Station. Accommodations were tight, the wine strong, and prices typical for that area, about 600-900 yen per glass of wine, but the setup and atmosphere is what I liked most. The food was mildly decent as well.

As it turns out Teru is captain of his semi-pro basketball team and invited me to participate in some of their practices. I can't wait!

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