Monday, February 27, 2012

Wisconsin Cheese in Tokyo: "MJ Toastie the Profound"

Aeon (イオン), a giant super market chain in Japan, now carries Crystal Farms Cheese from Lake Mills, Wisconsin, my hometown.

I happened to drop by again today to re-stock my fridge after taking two blocks of Cheddar to work this week. I prepared two cheese platters for my co-workers.  Neither made it to the lunch break and everyone was asking, "Where can I get some of that cheese?"

Needless to say, my plan to boast Wisconsin Pride is a tremendous success. If I wore cheaper suits, I am sure I would have busted a button or two.

This week's culinary tribute to bachelor living:  "MJ Toastie the Profound."

Similar to last weeks "TK Cheddar Dog", the MJ Toastie's most important ingredient is Crystal Farms Cheese. And in keeping with its namesake, is actually quite profound. I dare say this is the best bachelor's food this side of the Pacific.

I used Crystal Farms Monterey Jack this time. I had my buddy Caesar slice it up, place the slices on bread, and throw it all in the toaster oven.
Next, I grilled up some ham slices.

I also threw on some fried eggs.
Finally, top it off with some Mucho Aloha sauce and behold: MJ Toastie the Profound.

Caesar and I discovered this key equation when preparing anything with fried eggs: the runniness of the egg is proportional to its tastiness but is inversely proportional to its ease of edibility. In other words, the tastier, runnier egg is a complete mess to eat! Enjoy! Mucho Aloha! Much Love!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wisconsin Cheese in Tokyo: "The TK Cheddar Dog"

Today I may have discovered the greatest find yet in this phenomenal metropolis.
Aeon, a giant grocery store chain, now carries Crystal Farms Cheese from Lake Mills, Wisconsin.
It was a beautiful sight to behold.

I hurried home to create the best bachelor's food yet this side of the Pacific: I dub thee "The TK Cheddar Dog."
Throw it in the toaster oven and top it off with some delicious Mucho Aloha hot sauce and be prepared to have your world rocked!