Thursday, April 5, 2012

のりちか青木 Aoki's Brewer Commercial

English wiki page for Norichika Aoki

Norichika Aoki is the latest addition to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. Aoki is a 3 time Batting Champion and a 6-time Nippon Professional Baseball All-Star who just entered the Major Leagues for the first year with the Milwaukee Brewers. Everyone has been wondering how he will do. His debut is actually pretty helpful for me. When describing where I am from to my Japanese students who are studying English, I sometimes try to break the ice with Brewers baseball because A) Baseball is a favorite past time here and B) Aoki is making headlines in a big way these days all across Japan and the US so he is hard to miss. This season I will be watching Aoki in great anticipation along with the rest of Japan. Below is his debut in the Brewers TV commercials.ミルウォーキー・ブルワーズ
Here is the Brewers latest commercial featuring Mat Gamel and Aoki.

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