Sunday, May 13, 2012

Viva churrasco... em Tóquio

Spring churrasco in Tokyo

(Brazilian-style bbq)

Today I traveled to a beautiful little neighborhood near Hamadayama Station (Tokyo area). Green and vibrant, the sun out in full-force, a gorgeous day for a barbeque. Truly a rare treat, I was invited to the Sakairi home by my dear co-worker and friend, Mari. 
The Big Sister I never had, Mari :-D

Our generous hosts: Mr. and Mrs. Sakairi  (with their neighbor; they throw a churrasco bbq party every spring and fall in their home)
Mari and Mrs. Sakairi are old friends from their childhood where they first met in Brazil. My presence was a little hard to explain to the 30+ guests because of the distant relationship to the Sakairi family, but it was a point of interest to try to explain to everyone at the house when I showed up at 11:00am (our agreed time) and Mari didn't come until 12:00pm. It worked out well as I bonded quickly with the other guy wandering around the neighborhood with a paper handwritten map and the same lost look on his face. 

 The food was phenomenal. Perfectly grilled seasoned steaks, pão de queijo, stewed feijoada(not pictured), Japanese Korokke and something similar to Pico de Gallo (the green stuff pictured above; muito deliciosa). Beer and wine flowed freely, especially since the neighbor pictured above runs an Italian wine import business. 
 The entire neighborhood was filled with smoke from our churrasco.  It was great.
 Note the chilled wines and copious beer cans. Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo were all well-represented. :-D
Thought this was sausage, turned out to be made of figs and nuts. Quite sweet and scrumptious.  

Both Mr. and Mrs. Sakairi work for NEC so the majority of those present were co-workers. Mari and I were the only ones from Berlitz. 

And finally for dessert: delicious birthday cake. Anyone with an April, May, or June birthday was sung to and received cake first. Including yours truly. :-D Turns out Mari and I both have April birthdays. woohoo!

 Since the February and March birthdays didn't get a special cake, this guy made some "Birthday labels" from the back of his business card and put it in the bowl of chips for himself and Rie...quite funny!!
Mari with the April cake

This dude was totally feeling up my bicep...umm, yeah...should have buttoned that last button for sure. Partly my bad, but still, what the hell dude!

Mrs. Sakairi made some awesome apple cake: pictured top right.
Hayashi and me, "Err-body in the club gettin' typsy"

"Err-body" at the party, what a great group!

Pensive Mari, looking good Big Little Sis!
Mari sings the Brazilian birthday song to me because I forgot to record the group singing. Thanks Mari!!! 
End of the Birthday song

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