Monday, July 2, 2012

Bubby's Tokyo (八重洲地下): An underwhelming experience

I just checked out the newest Bubby's restaurant under Tokyo Station (Yaesu Chika). I was recommended by my co-worker to go check it out after I said I wanted to eat an American-style breakfast like Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast. Jeff's first recommendation was Bubby's stating that he often goes to the Bubby's located in Ark Hills. So I went. While the atmosphere and service is great, the breakfast I ate was lacking.

First of all, the breakfast menu was small. I could choose from French Toast (3 styles), Pancakes (4 styles), and a breakfast set called The Yaechika Plate. I asked for the Plate since it included toast, fried potatoes, a fruit cup, and an omelet-like preparation with mushrooms and eggs.

The toast was rye. Ok, no problem, I like rye bread. Plain white bread which is readily available at any convenient store would have been better. At least provide the choice. And of course, include some jelly either on the table or on the plate. The omelette was fair. The shredded cheese on the top was served cold. The fried potatoes was the only thing I thought was authentic. I quite enjoyed the bacon it was fried with.

I also tasted the French Toast. Again their choice of bread was a little different. It was prepared on a French baguette. I personally would have been fine with Texas-style toast, also readily available at any 7/11 convenient store. It was soggy and a little undercooked.

I can recommend only the fried potatoes. Traditionally, however, I think the omelette should be as big or bigger than the potatoes. In this case, the potatoes were double the size of the omellette.

Overall, this experience was underwhelming. The menu was too small and the food did not meet me already very low expectations. It is clear to me that this is still a new shop. The staff and cooks are probably still acclimating. But for now, I would suggest avoiding the Yaesu Bubby's restaurant until they get some things straightened out, in my humble opinion.


  1. Did this blog die? I was having much fun reading the updates. I also have a few friends who enjoyed reading your posts... :(

  2. Hi Dave, thanks for your comment and support. nope not dead. just been working alot. summer in tokyo has been rather lucrative as an english teacher. hope to get a post or two in before the end of the month.