Thursday, May 30, 2013

Restaurant: Maihama 舞浜

In no way do I consider myself to be a foodie. But I do appreciate a good meal from time to time. And living in Tokyo provides one with ample opportunity to try something new. So today as I trudge through the first of many Rainy afternoons( Japanese rainy season=> end of May through July) I am writing this entry about a decent Japanese fish restaurant in Shinbashi Tokyo. Maihama is the name of this back alley restaurant. I only stopped when I saw the long line figuring it must be decent.
I came last week for the Japanese harvest fish目鯛めだい for one thousand yen or about 10 bucks American. It was pretty good. Good enough for a second try anyway. Today is Saba no Miso-ni (サバの味噌煮. (chub) mackerel in miso sauce. Looks good huh?  Clockwise from the top left: Mackerel in Miso sauce, @#$#, Miso soup, pickled vegetables, white rice, steamed egg with mushroom and pork, and in the center is a selection of various sashimi (raw fish). 10 bucks? are you kidding me!

 Map to find this back alley restaurant. Shimbashi, KarasuMori Exit, The blue dot is the restaurant. I recommend using the KFC a block from the station as a landmark. Good luck!

*Maihama is also the name of a famous area/station in Tokyo, and often confuses Japanese when talking about this restaurant. fyi.