Monday, February 27, 2012

Wisconsin Cheese in Tokyo: "MJ Toastie the Profound"

Aeon (イオン), a giant super market chain in Japan, now carries Crystal Farms Cheese from Lake Mills, Wisconsin, my hometown.

I happened to drop by again today to re-stock my fridge after taking two blocks of Cheddar to work this week. I prepared two cheese platters for my co-workers.  Neither made it to the lunch break and everyone was asking, "Where can I get some of that cheese?"

Needless to say, my plan to boast Wisconsin Pride is a tremendous success. If I wore cheaper suits, I am sure I would have busted a button or two.

This week's culinary tribute to bachelor living:  "MJ Toastie the Profound."

Similar to last weeks "TK Cheddar Dog", the MJ Toastie's most important ingredient is Crystal Farms Cheese. And in keeping with its namesake, is actually quite profound. I dare say this is the best bachelor's food this side of the Pacific.

I used Crystal Farms Monterey Jack this time. I had my buddy Caesar slice it up, place the slices on bread, and throw it all in the toaster oven.
Next, I grilled up some ham slices.

I also threw on some fried eggs.
Finally, top it off with some Mucho Aloha sauce and behold: MJ Toastie the Profound.

Caesar and I discovered this key equation when preparing anything with fried eggs: the runniness of the egg is proportional to its tastiness but is inversely proportional to its ease of edibility. In other words, the tastier, runnier egg is a complete mess to eat! Enjoy! Mucho Aloha! Much Love!

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  1. I will say, that that Monterey Jack cheese allowed me to have one heck of a grilled cheese sandwich when I was in Japan :P Gotta grate it up first, and then between two of those nice big slices of Japanese bread :) mmm mm good