Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 61

Last month I was invited to play basketball by Teru, the boyfriend of an old Sophia University classmate. I spent the last week working out in preparation for today's game. Normally, the only working out I can get in is stretching, running, and lifting a big rock I found in the park. However this only fosters my hate for the cold. Scratch that. My hate is really for the fact that getting warm again is difficult without central heating...or winter clothing which I regrettably left in Wisconsin to make room for a few new suits in my luggage.
Anyway, instead of doing the work out in the cold, I transferred inside this week when I  got my hands on a DVD copy of Billy's Boot Camp workout. Just saying that line in my mind is ridiculous. But after the initial skepticism wears off, its actually a pretty decent work out done in your living room. Its perfect for my current situation.

So back to the game. I have no idea what to expect regarding level of play. But know this, it is hard for me to find a decent pickup game here. And this is all I know so far:

1. I will be the only foreigner on the team
2. The opposing team is all foreigners
3. I will have a uniform provided
4. My height was requested for printing in a brochure

When I got the call for that last bit, I was a little surprised. What have I signed up for? I thought. Well, either way, my love of the game makes this opportunity exciting. And I am curious to see how this plays out. Update to come.

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