Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Countdown 2012, Yagiri Shrine, Matsudo, Japan. 矢切神社、千葉県

Last night, my cousin Ian and I walked down to the local Shinto shrine to check out the traditional New Year's countdown festivities. We warmed ourselves by the bonfire while waiting in line to throw a few coins into the receptacle at the Shinto shrine. We had a great time while listening to the traditional music being played. You can see the video I took below.

夕べ、従兄弟イヤンと一緒に矢切神社に行った。そこでNew Year's カウントダウンのいろいろな活動を見た。伝統芸能を聞きながらかがり火に当たった。それで神様へのお願いを祈った。いい経験になった。 下には昨日取ったビデオ。

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