Monday, January 23, 2012

Last day of Training

Day is finally finished, what a day!
7:35 AM Hit the snooze on cell phone
7:45 AM Repeat
8:00 AM Get up, eat the last of my precious Costco cereal
8:30 AM Scooter on over to Ichikawa Station for train to Immigration Office
9:15 AM Transfer to the Chiba City Monorail (realize I don't like dangling 100 feet above the ground in a box)
9:30 AM Arrive at Immigration, take a ticket and begin the wait
11:00 AM Still waiting
11:15 AM Contemplating leaving
11:25 AM Called to the counter
11:35 AM Leave Immigration office after successfully changing my Temporary landing visa to a Work Visa (good for one year) (this process should have taken two weeks and would have prevented me from working for another two weeks.
11:40 AM Race home to change into a suit.
12:10 PM Race back to Ichikawa station
1:30 PM Arrive ten minutes late to the final day of training for Berlitz Japan-Otemachi
9:10 PM Finish training successfully and given permission to start work tomorrow!!
9:45 PM Moped through a "Tokyo Blizzard" with the equivalent of racing slicks for scooters. I don't consider it the most dangerous things I have ever done, but certainly not the smartest
10:00 PM Home safe and sound with only good things to look forward to.
Tomorrow: Invest in a good rain suit as well as a solid raincoat. Oh, and buy more Costco cereal!

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